Faculty of Engineering

Alper Güler

2008 - Software Engineering Graduate

As I was trying to decide about an area in which I would be able to use my skills best, I saw the ad for Department of Software Engineering, Izmir University of Economics. I got so excited about getting the appropriate education for my interest in black and white MS-DOS computer screen which started around when I was 7-8. I attended the open days at the University. Faculty of Computer Sciences was only a year old then. I had a chance to talk to students with whom I became friends later on. A newly renovated modern campus and meetings with academicians convinced me to choose Izmir University of Economics. Considering that Software Engineering concept had only a 5-10 years past in 2003, Izmir University of Economics, as a pioneer in this field in Turkey, made a very successful attempt with its Software Engineering undergraduate program. Even though it was only in its second year when I started the department and a relatively new subject in Turkey, I soon found out that the quality of education we received was rewarding. I understood the importance of the background I established at Izmir University of Economics when I established my own software company in my senior year, and then when I worked at Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, Lazzoni USA, Pandora Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies companies I co-founded with my IUE alumni friends and during my graduate study at Izmir University of Economics in Software Management program. It is a really tough decision to make about a program which will help you realize your dreams and get the best quality education in that area once you make that decision. The University open days are very helpful in terms of getting information about the campus and programs, meeting students. You should definitely go visit Izmir University of Economics, an institution that raises its quality since its establishment.