Faculty of Engineering




Our dear new students, who have just joined the Izmir University of Economics Engineering Faculty family,


A very exciting and enjoyable 4 years will be waiting for you in our Faculty, which you have chosen by making one of the most important decisions of your life and we will do our best to help you develop into exemplary engineers. In our Faculty, academic staff with excellent careers, laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and an educational curriculum adapted to daily life will be waiting for you to prepare you for professional life after graduation. We will make sure to present you with opportunities to become a sought-after engineer who will leave a mark on yourself and your family, and then on our country and the world. We would like to welcome you and wish you a successful and happy education in Izmir University of Economics.
Best Regards,
Izmir University of Economics
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering


MÜDEK and EUR-ACE accreditation periods of our Computer Engineering (English), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English), Industrial Engineering (English) and Software Engineering (English) departments within the Faculty of Engineering have been extended until 30.09.2025.


İzmir University of Economics
Faculty of Engineering
Validity Period of
MÜDEK Accreditation
Validity Period of
Computer Engineering (English) 01.05.2014-30.09.2025 01.05.2014-30.09.2025
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English) 01.05.2020-30.09.2025 01.05.2020-30.09.2025
Industrial Engineering (English) 01.05.2020-30.09.2025 01.05.2020-30.09.2025
Software Engineering (English) 01.05.2015-30.09.2025 01.05.2015-30.09.2025