Faculty of Engineering

Anıl Akıl

2012 - Industrial Systems Engineering Graduate

I started to study at Department of Industrial Systems Engineering in 2008 and graduated in 2012. Izmir University of Economics, with all it has to offer, is a university where a student can improve in different areas and receive the best quality education. I had the best four years of studying there academically and socially. I benefitted from everything the University offered to the best of my ability. I spent a semester at “Baden Württemberg Corporate State University” in Germany in 2011 as part of Erasmus Student Exchange Program. The extent of English and German languages I was taught at IUE helped me communicate socially and academically, and allowed me to interact with people from different cultures. I started to work as Global Logistics Coordinator at Sweden’s Husqvarna Group after I graduated. A year later I was accepted to Production Systems Master’s Program at Faculty of Engineering, Jönköping University in Sweden. IUE’s course content being compatible with European standards and medium of instruction being English helped me to get in the master’s program easily. The quality of undergraduate education I received at Izmir University of Economics helped me greatly both at work life and during my Master’s study. I currently work as Project Leader at Volvo Group Trucks Operations in Sweden and as Consulting Engineer at Experis. I would suggest to prospective students to identify their personal goals, go towards what makes them happy in work life, never to give up for success, and continue to learn new things all the time.