Faculty of Engineering

Begüm Genç

2012 - Computer Engineering Graduate

I scored a really high score in Student Placement Test in 2004. I talked to many people, searched a lot regarding which university to choose. I wanted an academic career from the start. Therefore, people urged me to the top university I could get into. I believe it was such a wrong guidance. It is important to consider what the University offers. For example, instead of enrolling to a prestigious university where you don’t know any of the professors, that you can’t ask any questions, and graduate with lack of self-confidence, it is more important to enroll to a university where professors know you in person, that you can drop by their offices whenever you want and ask whatever you want, and graduate successfully with high self-esteem. It makes a substantial difference in your career. After I completed my undergraduate education as the top of my class, I received a scholarship from TÜBİTAK and completed my graduate education at Bilkent University. Currently, I am attending a Ph.D. program at University College Cork, Ireland with a scholarship from Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) under the supervision of a much respected professor. During this time, as a person who attended courses at different universities, I can verify the quality of education Izmir University of Economics offered. Since the courses offered are almost universal, what effects student performance is the motivation, and that motivation increases with the means provided by the University. While I was at IUE, I had a chance to be a student assistant, work at a graduation project and write a paper about it, attended national programming contests on behalf of the University, attended fairs at other cities. Since the medium of instruction was English, I had no problem passing the TOEFL test or any adaptation problems abroad. And having a second foreign language, as much as it seemed unnecessary at the time, is a great advantage in job applications, social environments, or during travels. In addition to all this, thanks to the references and recommendations by my professors, I work at a grad school which offers a lot. I also made very precious friends with whom I am still in touch even after graduation. I wish you all the best and hope that you make your own decisions when it comes to choosing a university that’s best for you…