Faculty of Engineering

Melda Akın

2009 - Computer Engineering Graduate

I’ve decided to study computer engineering back when I was 12 years old. My adventure began in 2005 at Izmir University of Economics, Department of Computer Engineering. I was aware that a long journey was ahead of me even though I learned the basics of technical courses beforehand. Each passing day I understand and cherish the value of open-minded lecturers, who are best in their fields and motivate you to excel all the time. We also had a chance to take social sciences courses as electives in addition to technical courses. Where does mathematics stand in life? Where do our boundaries begin and end? One may think it is easy to answer these questions but we were able to understand how much work it required. Aside from all this, I took part as a Coordinator at IUE TOG (Social Work Volunteers) Club, and worked in many projects and met many people. I graduated in 2009. Worked as a Software Specialist and Analyst for a while then I started Master’s degree Izmir University of Economics, Smart Engineering Systems Program. I worked as a Research Assistant at Department of Computer Engineering for two years. I can honestly say that was the best years of my life. Wonderful academicians, great friendships, awesome projects…I understood what relativity of time meant exactly at this point. Currently, I work as HR and Organizational Director at Turkey branch of one of Europe’s largest digital agency. Choosing Izmir University of Economics was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It is a place where I learned about life, friendship, sharing, where I found peace. I hope everyone experiences these at Izmir University of Economics …