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FENG 497 - Graduation Project

Sevgili öğrencilerimiz,
Her bölümümüz için FENG 498 rapor teslimi ve sunum tarihlerine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Sunumlar yüzyüze yapılacak olup hangi grubun saat kaçta sunum yapacağı ve sunumun nerede yapılacağı konusunda bölüm başkanlıklarınızdan bilgi alabilirsiniz.
Dear students,
The FENG 498 report submission and presentation dates for each department can be accessed here. The presentations will be conducted face-to-face. Information regarding presentation timetables and venue can be learned from your department heads.

Important information about the FENG 497 course in 2022-23 Academic Year (posted on October 14th, 2022)

  • There are no face-to-face or online courses as part of FENG 497 on Saturdays or on Sundays. All the content in FENG 497 is already available as youtube videos, and the links to these videos are available on the course webpage (​), at the bottom of the page.
  • There will be a midterm exam as part of the FENG 497 course towards the end of the semester. The exact date and time of the midterm will be announced later. The midterm will be face-to-face, in multiple choice format. You will be responsible from all the topics listed on the course webpage (starting with "Grant Applications" and ending with "How to Perform a Feasibility Assessment").
  • The project topic selection list can be reached via the following link:
  • Please contact the professors whose project topics are of interest to you as soon as possible. Once you agree with a professor to join their group, make sure that he/she adds your name into the google sheet file. The deadline for project topic selection is the 14th of October. Students whose names do not appear in that google sheet file by that date will be randomly distributed to the remaining projects.
  • Once the groups are finalized, individual sections will be created on OASIS/Blackboard and you will be re-assigned to the section of your project supervisor.
  • Each project group has to meet once a week on campus and a weekly meeting report should be prepared after each meeting. The format of the weekly report can be found on the course webpage ( A minimum of 10 weekly reports shall be prepared throughout the semester. The weekly reports must be signed by all the participants.
  • Each group has to submit a proposal by the 25th of November. The format of the proposal can be found on the course webpage (
  • Each group will submit a final report and give a presentation at the end of the semester. The format of the final report can be found on the course webpage ( There is no strict format for the presentations. The presentations will be face-to-face on campus.
  • The grading format (and its OASIS equivalent) is as follows:
    • Weekly meetings (participation): 10%
    • Individual student performance (laboratory/application): 40%
    • Proposal (homework/assignment): 10%
    • Presentation (jury/presentation): 10%
    • Project report (project): 20%
    • Midterm (midterm): 10%
  • Students in a group may receive difference weekly meeting, performance, presentation, and midterm grades. The proposal and final report grades of all the students in a given group shall be identical.

Please contact the course coordinator Assoc.Prof.Dr. Fehmi Görkem Üçtuğ for any further questions you may have.


Please find the formats for the "Proposal" and "Report" documents regarding the FENG 497 course in the links below.



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